Monday, August 5, 2013

July DNF

The Last Academy
I got about sixty pages in and was basically completely bored. I really disliked the narrator, in that she really wasn't a very interesting character. I really wonder why I keep trying anything labeled paranormal. If it is labeled "paranormal" not fantasy or supernatural or anything else along with the paranormal, it seems doomed to bore me.

The Scorpion Shards (Star Shards Chronicles, #1)
This is another one where the characters didn't snag me. In the case of this book, I wonder if I just didn't get to the plot. I barely finished the introductions to all of the characters, few of whom had any draw for me, before I put it down. In this case I think it was more that this wasn't a book for me than that there was anything particularly wrong with the book.

A Temptation of Angels
The writing style didn't carry the concept, and the plot turned out to be pretty formulaic so far as I could tell. The heroine didn't really intrigue me and the love interest was kind of dull (I only managed to meet the first one, I quit before the second showed his probably devastatingly-handsome face (see rant here)). 

Strands of Bronze and Gold (Strands of Bronze and Gold, #1)
Don't hate me. I really wanted to like this one. I may actually try this one again at some point. What bothered me was how naive the heroine was. I know she had every right to be, but it really got under my skin. If someone can tell me she opens her eyes and comes into herself a little more, I'll probably give this one another go.

And to conclude, it anyone passionately feels that I should give one of these books another try, let me know why and I might consider it (I can be a little pig-headed). 

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