Thursday, April 26, 2018

*Awkwardly Peaks In*

So what do you say when you reappear in a place after essentially disappearing for a year? I wish I could say that I went on a ~journey of self-discovery~ but... I didn't. I just mildly vanished after randomly losing interest in 40% of my hobbies for a while. (I do that sometimes. Call it a quirk.) Things were a little busy but mostly I was just... not prepared to do the book blogging thing. Or the book reviewing thing.


Some things I did:
  • I graduated! So I now have a Bachelor of Environmental Sciences
    • I learned a lot
    • including the fact that I don't think I want to do anything with that degree (oops!)
  • I left my reception job and started working in a library instead, which is much more my thing
    • no more answering phones! No more soccer moms!
    • also it has reciprocal borrowing with my local library so I can now borrow from another library and there are so many options
    • I don't see myself doing this job long term but it's nice
  • I'm going back to school for something else! 
    • it still isn't library science
    • it's paleontology
    • because I know how to pick degrees with a lot of viable career paths
    • no but seriously I'm really excited, paleontology was one of my first loves, the first books I took out of the library were by and large dinosaur books
  • most importantly for this particular endeavor: I first went back to reading! I reread so many things! And then eventually... I started missing blogging about it
  • finally purchased sunglasses after not owning any since I was 11
And so I think I'm back! Tentatively because I am... honestly still intimidated? (Also because I randomly disappeared without finishing a couple of ARC reviews and I feel guilty about it all-get-out.) I'm still figuring out what exactly I'm going to be doing here on the blog. I'm hoping to get back into reviewing but also I'd love to do more discussion-y blogs. And have a chance to talk about reading more broadly, with nonfiction and maybe my excessive musings on tropes and also on Tolkien... anyway! I'm hoping I'm back for good (or for at least a while) and I'm really excited to be giving this another go!

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