Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Raven Cycle (re)Readathon

TRCR readathong mock up

I'm participating in another readathon (well, this is more of a readalong, but lets not talk about that). I looked at this and thought to myself "Self, is there anything more productive than rereading the same book for, what, the sixth time?" to which I replied "No. No there is not." (I am, after all, a chronic rereader, and probably would have read this anyway.)

These are such fun books to think about, there's so much to them, and has some of the most interesting meta writers I have come across in book fandoms. There's just so much to them, and I'm looking forward to doing this reread. If you've read them, time to make if fresh in your mind. If you haven't, well, wouldn't it be nice to remedy that? (Look. There. You see that? That is the reason that I do not work in marketing.)

Anyway, for anyone who wants more information, or to sign up, click here.

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