Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ten Futuristic Settings I'd Love To Read

Top Ten Tuesdays is a weekly feature created at The Broke and The Bookish.

1. Deep Space: These are kind of starting to show up more, I think. Everyone probably already knows how much I adored Illuminae (so much), in part because of how much I enjoyed the setting. There's just something marvelously adventurous and also disturbing about deep space.

2. Planetary Colonies: Or not even colonies. Any part of the "hey look at this new planet." Stranded on Mars? I'm listening. Living in the clouds on Venus? I'm very interested. Fictional planets? Bring them.

3. Crash-Landed on an Unfamiliar Planet: I'm kind of a sucker for these. Bonus points for a plucky crew! I just really like space, okay?

4. Jungle: No no listen, okay? People living in a jungle/ forest somewhere, then they come across a random spaceship from a past age, half submerged in some shallow body of water. Adventure ensues.

5. Supercity with Cyberpunk-y Superheroes and/or Vigilantes: Or just cyberpunk anything, really. (Says the person who doesn't even regularly carry a cellphone.)

6. Of Course I'm Not Keeping an Alien in My Bathtub: Does this even need explanation? This isn't so much a setting as a goofy story that I'd love to read.

7. Beneath the Surface of Ocean: I really liked Dark Life by Kat Falls... it just seemed like such a neat idea, and it was really fun to read.

8. Six Degrees Later: I'm an environmental science student, so we talk a lot about the impacts of climate change biologically, geographically, economically, geopolitically... (which can be kind of grim, not going to lie). I really like to see authors' interpretations of the future we've set ourselves on course for.

9. Telaporting is Possible: I'm kind of curious how near-instant transportation would effect how the world works.

10. We Just Made Contact: Something set in a world where Earth JUST made contact with sentient (probably not overtly hostile) creatures from another planet. Probably following from the moment of contact to about a month after, probably told as a series of journal entries/file entries/ recordings. That would be cool. Wouldn't it? It would.

So the takeaway message is that I really like space. Really, really. Anyone else have some favourite sci-fi/ future-y settings they'd love to see more of?


  1. Your fifth idea sounds intriguing! But then, given my fasciation with all of the comic book shows, I see the words "superhero" or "vigilante" and immediately take notice. ;)

    1. Yep, basically. I feel like that idea was almost a "please write/draw me a graphic novel" thing, because I love the visual. I don't know how it would actually translate as a novel, but... I'm sure the right author could make it work. That or an animated television series... that'd be super cool!

  2. A jungle would be particularly intriguing to read about! You've got some great ideas. :-)

    1. I have to admit that the idea came from a drawing I saw a long time ago... I immediately wanted to know the story behind it!

  3. This is an interesting take on this topic! I definitely would like to read about Colonial Planets as well, especially if they are fictional and have really awesome settings. Great list this week!
    here's my TTT!

    1. My response this week really does mostly seem to be "take me to space!" In my defense the prompt did say that we could do something futuristic... I ran with it.