Sunday, July 30, 2017

Harry Potter Reread Day 6

Whew! I'm still behind, but I've got a couple more hours tonight to read so I shouldn't be too behind...  (I say, hopefully). It's kind of the home stretch now, isn't it?

Things really start to come together in this one... it's always fantastic to read a book series that lays the groundwork really well. All that foreshadowing, coming to fruition! Obviously we see a lot of that in the last book, but we get some of it in the fifth and sixth books as the overarching plot really picks up.

It's one of the reasons these books are really a great choice for a reread- there's foreshadowing and hints that are so subtle they don't really register until you go back through the series knowing what happens. (I mean, I also just really like rereading, that too. And it really is just a great series overall. Basically there are lots of reasons that I reread this as often as I do... mainly just overall that I still get something out of the reading experience, every time I reread.)

With respect to this cover... all there of the covers that I've experienced this book with, it's been some permutation of this scene. Maybe because one could argue that it really is the only big classic-adventure-y action bit in the book? A lot still happens in this book (a lot of a lot) but visually it probably is the most impressive part of book. (Unless the think on the UK edition is supposed to be the Pensive? But I don't think so. The Pensive wasn't green.)

The editions to which I refer.


  1. Oh yeah! I never realized it's the same scene in each cover..The covers of other books differ from edition to edition..But yeah it is one defining moment! Though I believe the part where Harry uses sectupsempra on Snape towards the end was also pretty epic but I suppose putting that on the cover would be spoilery! Have a great reread :)

    1. It really is a dynamic and iconic scene, and seeing different takes on it is kind of fun too. Quite a few of the covers in this series skate the line between showing the action and being too spoiler-y! For the super-spoiler-y scenes, I guess we'll rely on fanartists. (Thank goodness there are so many talented fanartist!)