Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Harry Potter Reread Day 1

I've listened to the audiobook so many times that when I start reading Philosopher's Stone, my inner reading voice (which I usually don't really notice at all) sounds like Jim Dale. If you haven't checked out the Harry Potter audiobooks, definitely do it you get a chance! (The Jim Dale ones. Not the other ones. No offense to the other narrator, but he's just... not Jim Dale.)

I'm doing this a little differently this year... ordinarily I would try to do a book a day, but given the differences in length, I'm going to try to finish the first three in two days to give myself more time for the rest. (Not sure how that will go... we'll see).

I'm a bit more of a critical reader now than when I first read this one at the age of... eight, I think, but I still really enjoy it! I mean, it's where everything starts, and I have so much positive nostalgia linked to it that I'll probably always really like it.

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