Thursday, January 31, 2013

Struck Review

Struck (Struck, #1)Title: Struck
Author: Jennifer Bosworth
Series: Struck
Volume: 1
Genre: Paranormal, dystopia

Why I Read It: The pitch was sort of interesting. Again, I'm not really sure why- I was grabbing anything remotely interesting off of the Library shelves.

A Quick Intro: Mia Price is addicted to lightning. She's been struck before- many times, and she just loves the feeling of all of that energy coursing through her body. But (obviously) lightning is dangerous, often deadly, and Mia and her family live in Los Angeles, where, apparently lighting rarely strikes (is there a statistic for that?), and where she's safe. Until a devastating earthquake strikes. In the aftermath, Mia is being hounded by two rival cults, who see her as the only way out of a prophecy predicting the end of the world, and that she is connected to the freak electrical storm that caused the quake.

What I Thought: I'm not fond of this one. I actively dislike the heroine- she annoys me. The insta-love drove me a little mental, especially because I didn't see much that was all that great about the love interest. And, I'm sorry, but the plot got on my nerves. Warning-incoming genre rant. I didn't go into this book thinking it was paranormal, but that seems to be the most fitting genre for it now that I've finished it. It didn't really feel that dystopic to me (why did the rest of the world just give up on Los Angeles? That didn't really make sense to me.) I was kind of hoping for something more science fiction, but I defy anyone to call this science fiction- for one thing there doesn't seem to be much substantial scientific evidence of a link between electrical storms and earthquakes. *End genre rant*. The plot really felt like it went off the rails Maximum Ride style (which means very, very badly)- suddenly we have doomsday cults and the apocalypse on it's way and somehow this is all linked to Tarot cards.

Fun Fact: Lighting is almost always negatively charged. Positively charged lightning does exist, but it is quite rare.

P.S. I know a lot of people loved this book, and you can feel free to remind me of it's better points in the comments. Just please be civil.

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