Friday, January 18, 2013

Tokyo Heist Review

Tokyo HeistTitle: Tokyo Heist
Author: Diana Renn

Why I Read It: I was drawn by the word "heist" I'm in need of more mysteries and heists.

A Quick Intro: Violet is spending time with her father, who is working on an art commission in Japan. The comissioner a wealthy Japanese couple and their nephew who have recently had several van Gogh sketches stolen. Soon enough Violet is knee-deep in mystery, in danger and a hunt for the missing sketches with no idea who she can trust half way around the world from home.

What I Thought: It was hard to keep track of what was going on in the story, I sort of lost track of the mystery. This was another one where I didn't feel much attachment to the characters. It wasn't so much that the plot was predictable as that it didn't really draw me in, though I did guess the twist, and the culprit fairly early on in the story. It almost was like there were too many characters in the story, or too many focuses. Personally, I wasn't fond of Violet's random use of Japanese terms- it's something that kind of bothers me when people I know do it, and it annoyed me in the book as well. I did want to know how it ended, but it wasn't a book I would say that I couldn't put down.

Fun Fact: Kimonos are worn crossed left over right. Right over left crossings are typically only used for the dead.

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