Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A mention of The Last Guardian

I was looking at Artemis Fowl fanart, when I came across a bunch of people arguing about how Opal killing her younger self would have worked at all. Really, it is actually the embodiment of the grandfather paradox mentioned in Time Paradox. Her past self dies, and so therefore doesn't live to the point where she kills her past self, so her past self lives... and so-on and so forth in a loop, so nothing would change. Gosh darn all these Time Paradoxes. The Grandfather paradox is the one I agree with, and it seems to be the one that this series follows, so it, to an extent works. Why Opal goes nuclear... well, quantum doesn't like being messed with. I get confused every time I think about it.

And Artemis's memories. People's opinions vary as to whether he gets them back. I think he does. Outside of "because I said so", the fairy spirits are shown to retain they're memories after the loss of their bodies, and while possessing those at Fowl manner, so I don't really see a reason why Artemis shouldn't do the same, after all, he is basically possessing his clone's body, though it doesn't have a soul to push out of the way. Also, there is the matter of magic. At one point (during the Lost Colony), he "wraps a memory in magic" to preserve it. So magic seems to help prevent memory corrosion under extreme circumstances (like entering a time tunnel, or losing one's body), and of course there's Artemis's own willpower, and how stubborn he is about getting what he wants and keeping it (see book 1). He's the only human to avoid being destroyed by a timestream, almost entirely due to willpower. And, if all else fails, I did say so, didn't I?