Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist

Top Ten Tuesdays is a weekly feature created and hosted at The Broke and The Bookish
...basically, if I could request an author to write on a topic, character type, issue, type of plot etc., this is what it would be. I warn you that they will probably be mostly fantasy, because that is the genre I adore most.

1. Stories where the world begins anew. This one is difficult to explain. I don't mean it in an apocalypse or dystopia way. More when a group of people come upon a completely new place, and form a society and such based on their surroundings and what is available.

2. Slightly fantasy. Worlds that feel very like the one that exists today or in the past of our own world, but have some very slightly different characteristics (or subtle magical elements). Pretty much everything is bound by the laws that exist in our world. Like Nation or The Scorpio Races. Just a dash of otherworldly.

3. Science fantasy. Fantasy worlds where science still holds sway, and magic and science work in tandem. I'm very choose-y about these though.

4. Can I say this? I'm just going to. A short story from the world of The Scorpio Races. I don't even require character cameos. I just want to get back into the world. It seems that Maggie Stiefvater made me develop a crush on a place. Like how everyone in the Raven Boys jokes about Gansey's one true love being Henrietta (which is a town by the way), even if they are kind of mocking him, I'm a bit like that about Thisby.

5. Fantasies set in the desert.

6. Stories based on Native American mythology. I don't know enough about the mythology, but it is fascinating. Fantasies based in Chinese and Japanese mythology. Basically, fantasies based in any sort of non-classical mythology.

7. Third person point of view. I love third person for fantasy.

8. Books with Selkies and other mythologies. I know of one selkie book that sound interesting, which I plan to get to when it becomes possible.

9.  Steampunk with a story outside of being steampunk. Steampunk is not a plot- it is a sub-genre. It should be a feature of the book, but the book must still have a driving plot. However, the steampunk elements must be a part of the story- no steampunk for the sake of being steampunk. If your story would be pretty much the same without it, don't bother. There will certainly be more on this to follow.

10. GSM (gender and sexual minority, or LGBTQIA+ or whatever the abbreviation is now) characters whose only main traits are not their sexuality or gender. As in you the first thing you think when you think of them that they are gay or whatever the case may be. Because it really isn't the defining trait of a person (more on this to come also).


  1. Lots of interesting ideas! Number one is particularly interesting and I can't think of any books that do this but I am sure there have got to be some out there. Did you have any in mind? I also like the idea of combining science and fantasy! My TTT

    1. Honestly, I was mostly thinking Terry Pratchett's Nation (love that book) when I wrote it. A Tsunami washes away the village and washes up a boat, and the survivors start building on whatever they have. Maybe it would be more accurate to say "settlement" story or something?