Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Harry Potter Re-read: Wrap Up

Well, I've finished. A little late, even with the extension, but I'm glad that I took my time. I think I got more out of it this way anyway. Anyway, this post contains spoilers... so be warned.

I really got a lot more emotional about it this time. This was the first time through that Cedric's death upset me, and Sirius's death was kind of harder to read too. Dumbledore's death and the funeral were always tough. Kreacher's Tale gets harder to read each time. Regulus Black was a character that I would have liked to know more about. And of course the end of the Deathly Hallows was as upsetting and wonderful as ever.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was still one of my favourites (actually they all were). The way J.K. Rowling manages to intersperse despair and hope. One of my favourite scenes was always when Ron managed to get Potterwatch on the radio.

The Forest Again and The Flaw in the Plan are some of the best final chapters in any book I've read so far and the ending is one of my favourite endings to a series ever. When Harry and Voldemort have their final duel in the Great Hall, I loved all when Harry reveals everything. He starts calling Voldemort Tom, and I liked the build up. Six years and it is still one of the best endings I have ever read.

You could tell that J.K. Rowling really planned out the story before she wrote it. The character arcs were really well planned out, and the story was exquisitely detailed in its way.

The messages are fantastic. Its all about the power of friendship and love, the value of bravery and the power of hope.

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