Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bout of Books 10.0 Day 2


This barely warrants a posting, since I read practically nothing, which is sad for someone who has, in the past, read almost 1000 pages in a day. I've kind of hit a wall with Indelible, which I was trying to get through today. And then some other things happened, and I didn't end up reading much.

Reading Goals For Tomorrow

As in "this time I am seriously going to do it":
-Locavore by Sarah Elton: I am a huge fan of urban agriculture and many things food, and this one is actually Canada oriented, which I'm looking forward to.
-Bleak House: Start this. Probably fail, because it's kind of an intimidating book, and I've never been very good with classics.
-Indelible: Finish it. Just finish the thing- I've hit a block.
-A Natural History of Dragons: Hopefully finish this one up as well. I am enjoying it (dragons!), but it's somehow been on the back burner since I got it.

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