Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Mini- Reviews

Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles, #0.5)
Fairest by Marissa Meyer
Release Date: January 27, 2015
Out of Ten: 6/10
Review: I was a little leery going into this one. I've mentioned before that I'm generally more of a hero person, for one thing. On the other hand, though, I am a fan of the Lunar chronicles and I was definitely game to explore more of the world.

What I found with this book was it lacked the vibrancy of the other books. There's just a certain je ne sais quoi that the rest of the works in the series have that this just didn't. Part of it was that I couldn't cheer for Levana- even if I hadn't know that she would end up an antagonist, I doubt I would have liked her, and I found her hard to even empathise with. That said, it was still interesting to get more insight into Levana's story, as well as Luna as a setting, where at least part of Winter is to be set. Overall, this novel feels like more of a primer for Winter than a stand-alone story.

The interior art is quite stunning, though, so I'm including a little photo of it (the lighting is bad due to the fact that it is entirely an artificial source... and a compact florescent).

Ticker by Lisa Mantchev
Release Date: December 1, 2014
Out of Ten: 4/10
Review: Despite a lot of things that I didn't enjoy about this book, it had some fun moments. Steampunk is always hit-and-miss for me, and this was more of a miss. I quite liked the clockwork heart as an idea, but I wish the rest of the world were more clearly defined. One of the key parts of a successful Steampunk for me is that the Steampunk elements feel intrinsic to the world, and are organically a part of it, which wasn't the case with this story. I never knew exactly what the limits of the technology, how it worked was, for the most part was never explained. The world didn't end up feeling cohesive. Though there were some parts that were fun to read, they felt like they weren't truly a part of the story- it didn't really flow. The world building was carried out mainly though exposition. I wasn't generally attached to the characters, and I didn't much care for the romance- it felt forced. The end verdict on this was: interesting core concept, poor execution.

The Brokenhearted (The Brokenhearted #1)
The Brokenhearted by Amelia Kahaney
Release Date: October 3, 2013
Out of Ten: 2/10
Review: I was not a fan of this one. Anthem drove me a little crazy, she was everything I dislike in a character, and was very hard to connect to. She was the worst kind of stupid: the kind that doesn't learn from her mistakes. I didn't like her way of doing things, I didn't like her personality. Anthem aside, I had a really hard time with how the concept was carried out. It just didn't make sense. I couldn't suspend disbelief about how she got the heart- her recovery time? Nobody recovers from a major organ transplant that quickly. Also, if you drown, it isn't your heart that is generally the problem... I could have done with more of and explanation as to how the heart gave her some of the powers she had (you do realise hummingbirds appear to "hover" because they have wings that they flap really, really fast, right? Not just through magic?) Overall, this really didn't work for me... I liked the idea of a super-hero origin story where a new heart eventually modifies the girl enough to grant her super-powers, but this wasn't what I was looking for, and really wasn't for me.

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