Friday, May 29, 2015

Armchair BEA 2015: Character Chatter and Blogging Q&A

Character Chatter

Characters are a big part of what makes a book a great read. While I wouldn't say that I have to like a character per say, I do sometimes have a harder time getting into books with narrators that I really don't like as people, and I have an even harder time if I can't sympathise with or connect to the character. Basically, its nice if I like the character as a person, it is important that I sympathise with/connect to them in some way. A good example from right now is Alina from Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo; I don't always like her, but I do understand her. Liking them is a bonus. Have a list of some (not all) or my favourite female leads from a Top Ten Tuesday a little while ago.

I talked about some things that I like and dislike in book couples in a Top Ten Tuesday post, and what it basically boils down to I like couples that are partners in more than just a romantic way. Having them feel like they know and trust each other is a big plus for me.

Blogging Q&A

I'm (obviously) on Blogger right now, but I'm thinking it might be time to switch to my own domain name. Which would be a kind of big step for me, so I'm naturally dithering. That's what I do. I dither.
I've never been very good at HTML (or CSS), which is a big contributor to the aforementioned dithering. I've tried to learn, I just can't get the hang of it. (Advice?) Networking for me is mostly Twitter, Tumblr, and sometimes NetGalley. I'm also trying to comment more on other blogs, I got out of the habit for a while. 

I still feel like I don't know much about blogging, despite having done it for a while now. I learn new things all the time. For one, I'm still trying to start scheduling posts. It isn't something I generally do, and something I would really like to get better at, especially for when classes resume again in the autumn. Its been a great few years, and I'm looking forward to doing even more with this blog in the future.


  1. You can google html tutorials! And Parajunkee has lots of posts on site design.

    1. I'll check out Parajunkee's stuff. I've only really looked at the book reviews side of the site before. Thanks!

  2. I switched from blogger to self-hosted wordpress website. I used NoseGraze's tutorial. It's pretty detailed so I didn't have any trouble...
    I would like to get better at scheduling posts too. :)

    1. I've read NoseGraze's tutorials (for a lot of things) as a kind of prep as I dither on whether or not I'll make the change. I think I'm making it into a bigger deal than it is, but I just want to be sure first...