Monday, May 18, 2015

Reading Habits: Places I Read

I should warn you that some of you will want to throw something (a hardcover?) at me after I mention a few of these. I don't really have a reading place... I have hundreds.

1. On the bus. At this point, I have an hour-and-a-half bus commute in to classes. I'm moving closer to campus next year. This will be my first time moving with my library (maybe, my books might stay at my parents). Reading on my buses (there are three) is way easier in the warmer months (Ontario isn't as cold as some places, but... still -30 Celsius plus windchill...) The trips are a little short to settle in for serious textbook focus, so I often delegate this time to reading time.

2. At school. Between classes, I need to sort of re-set my brain, or waiting for classes to start. I think for the longest time the dominant impression people had of me was "that person who seems to have a different book every day."

3. The breakfast table. Yes, while I eat. This was one of the ones that I thought people might want to chuck something at me for.

4. Comfortable chairs. Ones that I can curl up with. I think my favourite is a giant Ikea chair.

5. Bed. I have mentioned how I read until two in the morning with unfortunate frequency? Yes? Yes.

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