Thursday, May 28, 2015

Armchair BEA 2015: Visual Representations and Social Media

Visual Representations

I don't read as many graphic novels as would like, so if you've got some great ones, feel free to leave recommendations in the comments. I love the idea of visual storytelling, but I think I can be kind of picky about art styles. There are so many wonderful options for storytelling now. There's visual, which is graphic novels, comics, webcomics, and the like. There's audio, which, on top of audiobooks, also opens up the realm of podcasts. Books sometimes have playlists now. Sometimes novels are illustrated. The diversity of the ways a story can be told keeps growing, and its pretty amazing.

Social Media

My social media presence, aside from this blog, of course, is really concentrated to three main other areas:
  • Goodreads is great for keeping track of the books I've read, and I post my review there as well as on my blog. Though I find it kind of unweildy in some ways (it is 2015 and we still can't give half-stars, people review books without having read them...) I still like having a structured way to track, and let others track, what I'm reading
  • My Tumblr is much more casual than this blog is. Because of the more relaxed design of Tumblr, I find that its a nice format for read-a-thons and the like (I'm tempted to start an impromptu one later this week, if anyone's interested...). Its more visual than my blog in a lot of ways. My Tumblr is a mix of reblogs and original content (mostly reblogs recently...)
  • Twitter is a more recent acquisition for me, and one of the best choices I've made as a blogger. In a lot of ways its the most social of the social media outlets I use, and it is a little more rapid-fire than the others. 
Feel free to drop me a line on any of those, its always great to hear from other book bloggers! 


  1. Oh half stars, how could I have forgotten that! That is super obnoxious of them.

    1. I know it shouldn't be a big thing, but it has somehow become a pet peeve for me.

  2. If you're not really into the whole manga or comic book thing, you could start lightly with Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. The story is told partially with photographs. Happy BEA!

    1. I've read some manga, actually. I had a really hard time getting into Mrs. Peregrine's (I didn't end up finishing it) but I loved the idea of incorporating photographs.